MV Agusta Brutale 675, a dream bike you can actually afford

MV Augusta Brutale 675 launch is one of those life turning events, when you realize that something major just happened in your life. Back in the days, MV Augusta was the brand we all dreamed of but none of us, the guys in the neighborhood could actually afford. Come on, how many of us could afford a beautiful Italian car like Ferrari or a Lamborghini? It was the same with MV Augusta bikes. This is how we all saw this beautiful crotch rocket and this is how it actually was.

Count Domenico Agust, the father of this beautiful line of bikes had one specific dream in mind: to build the finest sport bikes ever, never sparing any expenses, building sport bikes that well, are not for everyone. His only reason to sell commercial, road motorcycles was to fund his race team! That’s it! Finest sport bikes for race fans! And then MV Augusta Brutale 675 came up, the sport bike that made dreams of people all around the world turn to reality. The dream also had a price, one that we could actually afford: $11.498 Finally, MV Augusta was the sport bike everyone could afford. Domenico August must be spinning in his grave…

MV Agusta Brutale 675, a low price version of Augusta F3If we look closer, we see that MV Augusta Brutale 675 is a tuned-down version of Augusta F3 race bike, borrowing whatever is possible from it’s meaner race sister. MV Augusta F3 is a beautiful racing machine, one that continues the racing tradition of the brand, a superbike that has what it takes to win and, you know what? Brutale 675 also stands up to it’s brand name: a beautiful, powerful bike, light and fast and at the same time responsive, fit for weekend drives or for everyday use, mean and at the same time friendly.

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The little three-cylinder motor is small and light, providing more than enough power (108 bhp) and speed (225 km/h/140 mph). The bike is quite light (167 kg/368.2 lbs), easy to handle and a lot of fun to ride! Plus that the design is astonishing, thanks to the Italian long lines, combined with a brutal and mean look, turning heads around wherever you’d go.

A short comparison of MV Agusta Brutale 675 and Augusta F3

If you wonder where would you see the differences between F3 superbike and 675, well, of course, there are a few things to mention, like for example when you go over bumps, the suspension is that of a $12k road bike, not one of a race bike. The saddle is not that comfortable so if you ride it often, you may feel a bit of discomfort. The black plastic front mudguard is another weak point.

The engine of the 675 roadster has a single fuel injector instead of dual stokers per cylinder, the valves are made of steel instead of titanium, so they are heavier, it has a lower compression ratio and also a lower rev limit, but all these don’t spoil at all the pleasure to ride it, trust me on this!

Both bikes sound great, the way a strong bike should sound, they both consume fuel big time (the 16,5 liter tank of Brutale 675 is not quite enough, you need to pay attention to this as you don’t want to remain without fuel).

The direct competitor for Brutale 675 is Triumph Street Triple R, but Augusta has a few technical advantages to make it stand out, such as counter-rotating crankshaft and quite a few electronic aids, technical advantages that also justify the price difference.

So, as a short conclusion, I know Brutale 675 may not be the finest superbike ever, some might say brand quality was compromised for price sake, but come one, let’s be realistic: racing level details cost a lot of money. Best of the best is for racing. But at street level, best bay just have a name: MV Augusta Brutale 675!

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