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Hi there and thank you for stopping by! My name is Christian, I am 36 years old and as you may imagine, I run the site here, www.CrotchRocketGuide.com

Let me start by telling you that I am not a die hard biker, but I’ve got the virus, if you know what I mean. I have been “poisoned” by one of my long time friends who is a die hard biker. He actually tried everything in the book, have owned a lot of bikes, from our “crotch rockets” here to custom choppers and dirt bikes. Well, he’s guilty for me diving into it, he’s the one to blame.

So, the site here is somehow the story of my journey into the world of sport bikes (I like sport bikes, I have tried choppers but I like speed more than everything else, so I stopped here, trying to learn everything that I can about them)

Yamaha YZF-R1 crotch rocket speeding

As you may already imagined, I don’t have the money to buy all the bikes here, but most of them, I have tried myself. Some by actually buying them (2 already, a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja and then a Honda CBR 600), some by borrowing from my friends, some by renting them to test (yeap, you can actually try to rent bikes just to test them, it’s an actual hands on review, cheap and honest), some by trying them at bikers’ fests where you can see them all and try them all and…some by stealing (ok, I’m just kidding here)

I’ve got to the conclusion that in life you need to try before you buy and I am not speaking just about buying a crotch rocket, but about everything in life. You need to try, man, try as many things as possible! For me, it was about sport bikes, could have been about bows or about snakes, I don’t know, you just have to try.

For m, when I saw the first sport bike, touching it, feeling the curves, the nickel shining in the sun, I felt something in my guts and I wanted it to be part of my story. And I am now part of it, part of the beautiful story of sport bikes, I am living every second of this story.

But, as I have already told you, I am not the expert here, I am just a guy trying to learn as much as possible about crotch rockets, to understand what’s the best sportbike, what every new bike puts on the table, what makes it different. Now, because of this and also because of this site I have friends coming over to ask me about bikes, about what bike to buy and about why is one bike different than another one. And I found myself able to answer and to guide them around.

Now, as a short offtopic subject, I also play the guitar since about 20 years. In the world of guitars there’s this software that emulates guitars so if you want to understand how a particular guitar or amp feels or plays, you can just pick it from the software rack and…there you have it. I found myself understanding a lot more about guitar models when playing around with this emulator. Now, I wish I had something like this for motorcycles, to understand easier how a particular bike feels, sounds, how you can ride it and control it. Unfortunately, there is no such thing, or at least I don’t know about any commercial version of it, maybe the army has one, who knows? For sure, I don’t have one, so, the only solution to understand why a bike is better than another one is to try it, feel it, ride it. And, until you get the chance to ride your dream bike, read CrotchRocketGuide.com, my site here, maybe you get just a little bit closer to finding what crotch rocket is best for you and why!

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